This is How I got my Dream Nose in a Non-surgical Way

by Sabrina 

I know, I know... my natural nose is straight and its proportion looks great on my face. But it is still far from my dream nose. The curve at the bottom of my nose is what bothered me most.  I know that I don't actually need to go under the knife aka Rhinoplasty to get a totally new nose, and I've been secretly wishing that there will be a non-surgical nose job to get me my dream nose. I was exhilarated when I know about this new nose threadlift technique from The Sloane Clinic! Thank you for answering to my prayers!

I've always love Jessica Alba's nose so much! #ilovenotjusthernose I think that she has the most perfect nose ever. I know it is unrealistic to think that I can duplicate her nose, no plastic surgeon could guarantee that too. But I think that I can do significant enhancements to make my nose have some of the same characteristics yeah?

Ever since I've got to know about botox, fillers, lasers... etc My wish of not going under the knives to get a dream nose has been burning with hope! So what is this miraculous procedure I found? Let me share with you cos it's pretty amazing!

All I can say is that I am not the only one who is unhappy with my nose. One of the features that my group of friends feel inferior about is the NOSE.  The top two features that Asians hate must be the big flat nose and the sleepy looking single eyelid. It is really easy to make one's eyes bigger thanks to the beauty of makuep: eyeliner, false eyelashes, double eyelid sticker, apply white eyeliner to the inner corners of your eyes, and also contact lens. #hmm This is how a typical Asian looks like after the eye-changing makeup, but.. how can we make the nose look sharper? #nopewecant


The best we could do is to almost use half of our contour stick to achieve the sharper nose bridge and tip. However, will it look like i have two lines on my nose in real life? #nothankyou

One of my friends Bernice did a 3D Noselift performed by Dr Low Chai Ling at The Sloane Clinic. When I first saw her photo on instagram with plaster on her face, I thought that she went for a Rhinoplasty! But it was only plaster but not bandage, so I knew that it couldn't be Rhinoplasty. I hid my curiosity for 2 days until her next IG update and viola!!!!!! Her new nose look amazing!!!!! How could one get a new nose without going under the knife, and the recovery time is almost zero! I commented on her picture and got her to call me immediately to surrender her trick!

Making up my mind was easy but making the appointment was strenuous! Thankfully I managed to get an appointment 3 weeks after I decided on the procedure. I was feeling so hyperventilated that I countdown each slow day daily until D DAY! The burning urge and desire felt almost like my wedding day! #pardonme

So what exactly is a 3D Nose Lift? What makes a beautiful nose?

A beautiful nose has certain characteristics and dimensions, the key point is having the correct proportion. 3D Nose Lift is the latest non-surgical nose job to enhance subtle proportions of the nose in 3 parts:

1. Definition of nose bridge:

Use of dissolvable threads to stimulate collagen growth to support and define nose bridge.

2. Elevation of Nose tip: 

Use of dissolvable threads to augment your nasal to lift and define your nasal tip for a more streamlined proportion.

3D Nose Lift uses PDO (polydixanone) threads. The PDO threads have been scientifically proven to be fully absorbed by the body over time, while stimulating new collagen production to keep the nose shape and structure.

3. Highlighting of nose from the brow: 

The brow tip aesthetic line is an imaginary curve line that starts from the inner eyebrow and extends along the shadow of the bridge to the nose tip.  The brow tip aesthetic line can be enhanced by using facial fillers.

Brow Tip Aesthetic Line (Photos courtesy of The Sloane Clinic)

3D Nose Lift Experience

The whole procedure was completed under 30 minutes. Dr Low first injected anesthetic to the nose and left it for 15 minute. I did not feel any pain other than some pressure and slight ant biting sensation when Dr Low started the thread insertion. #phew It was all so comfortable as Dr Low gently assure me while working her magic.

I left The Sloane Clinic smirking with a plaster on my new nose! You can the apparent results in the photo below right after the procedure! There is mild swelling but not evident enough to find it unbearable. I was really happy that all it took was only 30 minutes of procedure and 1 day of recovery time for a new nose. #mydreamnose Thank for working your magic on me Dr Low! I will embrace and celebrate my new nose for the next 2 years or so, then I'll be back again.


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