Nose Fillers Review for Sharper & Higher Nose Bridge

I was extremely unhappy with my nose. Being an Asia, I have the typical Asian nose: low nose bridge which makes my nose and face look flat and well, not Caucasian-looking - my nose just isn't considered pretty.  As if having low nose bridge is not enough, I also have a wider nose shape and less round tip. Thoughts of doing Rhinoplasty surgery had been in my mind, especially after looking at those who looked a million times prettier and confident after. 

However, going under the knives just frighten me, therefore I decided to try out the 15 minute non-surgical nose job aka Nose Fillers to achieve a sharper and higher nose bridge instantly with almost no downtime!

Here are some day to day photos of me before the Nose Filler Treatment :



Thanks to my friend's recommendation, I visited The Sloane Clinic which is well-known and reputable in both Singapore and Malaysia for my nose treatment. The branch I went to is located conveniently at ION Orchard level 3. The first impression of the Sloane Clinic was that it was sophisticated and aesthetically pleasing, I also loved the superb customer service provided by the nurses. Dr Chua Han Boon patiently attended to me, answering all the burning questions I want to know about my non-surgical nose job. I let him know honestly that I don't wish for an dramatic nose job but a natural lift. Dr Chua then recommended 1ml of fillers to achieve the effect I want.

Dr Chua also explained to me that that he would inject Perlane for my nose filler. The hyaluronic acid in Perlane supplements the body's natural supply, which becomes depleted with age. Perlane is biodegradable and can last six months to a year.

It is important to research and find a clinic with an experienced Doctor you can trust. Never trust a Doctor who ensure you that MORE FILLERS ARE BETTER. A skillful Doctor is someone who can strike a balance by recommending a suitable treatment and give you the result you want to achieve that looks best and natural on you.

The nurse cleansed my face and carefully applied numbing cream on me before my nose job.

Dr Chua working his magic to sculpt my nose bridge into my desired shape. I am sure you guys must be thinking if it hurts? I admit that I am someone whose threshold of pain is extremely low, so I was closed my eyes throughout the 15 minute procedure. I would say that the level of pain was akin to that of eyebrow plucking, so it was not so bad! The treatment took only 15 minutes.


  I finally have a nose bridge! ^^

After the Nose Job, my nose did feel numb and swollen. The nurse gave me some medicine to reduce the swollen and pain, she also cautioned me to not wear sunglasses or touch the nose forcefully.


Day 1: Nose bridge was still a little red and swollen.


Day 2: Less swollen

Day 3: The injection area was almost recovered. Remember not to forcefully touch your nose.

Day 4: After makeup, you can't tell that it was red nor swollen at all.

Day 5: The shape of the filler was finally set.

From the photos, you can see that my nose before Nose Filler was not as straight. My new nose bridge made my features pop, and more 3D looking!

Final Thoughts: I am very satisfied with my non-surgical nose job, and I did not experience any allergy reaction. I attended my friend's wedding a few days after my nose job, and my friends commented that I looked prettier but can't tell what was the difference. This is the beauty of fillers, the result is apparent but not dramatic. Compared to Rhinoplasty, Nose Fillers are not permanent but you can control the the desired height and avoid regret.


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