Facial Review - Fabulous and Healthy Glow

By Linda Wong

My skin had been protesting to me lately by looking dull and blemished. My usual skincare products felt like they didn't work as well, it also seemed that they stayed on the top layer of my skin without penetrating into the skin anymore. These fatigue signs were telling me that I needed a good facial #ASAP, an award-winning one to be exact! After much researching, I tried out The Sloane Clinic Super Star Facial and here is the review. Fabulous and Healthy Glow #FTW.

I started researching on the internet, asked friends and flipped magazines while taking a break at the gym. I am the kind of consumers who are skeptical of going for cheap "trial" facials as there are way too many horror stories of facials gone wrong or crazy hard-selling of packages! It was really hard to choose from all the dozen of facial centres and aesthetic centres in Singapore! It became easier when I saw Women's Weekly Spa Award 2017!  After much considerations, I decided to visit The Sloane Clinic which is conveniently located at ION Orchard.

Touted as one of Singapore’s leading aesthetic clinics, The Sloane Clinic has a strong diverse team of top names in medicine spearheading their aesthetic dermatology, cosmetic surgery and hair transplant team. This information alone reassured me that I will be in good hands! I only want the best for my face as long as it is within my budget, so it is okay to splurge and pamper myself!

Upon arriving at The Sloane Clinic, I was won over by how luxurious and posh the interior design looked.

I was given a form to fill up the skin problems I faced as well as other personal information.

After completing the form and some Q&A time with the nurse, I was lead to one of the treatment rooms that was really huge! Most of the beauty parlors that I visited either let me leave my belongings in the locker outside the treatment room or just in the cupboard. I love how I got to leave my bag looking like an art piece on the chair in the picture below. The Sloane Clinic is so thoughtful and meticulous to the very minimal part that I as a consumer didn't think much of. #thumbsup

I even got to bring this cute little bag home! I plan to use it to keep my accessories when I travel overseas. I also changed into The Sloane Clinic bedroom slippers. It was such a amazing feeling to feel so right at home and comfortable in the heart of Orchard Road.

The facial treatment that I tried was Super Star Facial which is the best antioxidant facial crowned by Harper's Bazzar Singapore. My skin was clearly famished from the key nutrients it needed to keep it healthy. The Super Star Facial was designed with the Sloane Inc's Skin Superfood skincare line in mind, thus my fatigued skin was "fed" with these skin superfood and "rebuilt" back to basic to form a solid foundation for a fabulous and healthy glow!

The Super Star Facial is enriched with Astaxanthin, a super antioxidant produced by Red Algae, found to be 550 times more potent than Vitamin E, 800 times more powerful than CoQ10, and 6000 times stronger than Vitamin C! How amazing and out of the world does it sound?

This was me with my dull, tired and lackluster looking skin. I was all ready to look and feel fabulous! Let's start the Super Star facial!

I was enticed by the lavender aroma therapy to totally relax and "let it go" at the start of the facial. 

The first few steps included the usual removal of makeup, and cleansing to prepare my face for the Oxygen Boost Mask! One additional step was the pre-cleansing that lifted dead cells, unclogged pores and in turn prepped and harmonized the skin before cleansing.

Next, the nurse gave me a gentle yet relaxing face massage with a warm towel infused with lavender spray to boost blood circulation.

One of the skin saving steps, Oxygen Boost Masks was applied and left for 5 minutes on my skin for instant calmer and dewy looking skin. I was told that there might be a slight tingling feeling, but I could only feel the oxygen oxygenating into my skin with no discomfort at all.  You can also check out The Sloane Clinic's most popular Triple Oxygen Heaven, that leaves the dullest skin bright and perky! #TEMPTATION1 After which,  Pumpkin Purifying Peel, made from natural enzymes of pumpkin, was applied to my skin to dissolve dead cell and quench my dull aging skin.

Another secret in achieving the fabulous and healthy glow like a Super Star, I got to choose one from the three Skin Superfood mask! The nurse asked which type would I prefer, and recommended Matcha for me since I was plagued by acne on the jaws and my skin looked a little flushed. Acai for anti-ageing and White Mulberry for sensitive skin are two of the other super skinfood masks available. You can get the products I mentioned in-clinic or via www.sloaneshop.com.

Skin Superfood Matcha helps to detox and clarify my distressed and tired skin by deeply revitalising ageing skin cells to looking young and fresh again!

Worth turning into Shrek, as long as my skin becomes healthier! #lol

One thing I really liked about the Super Star facial was that I got to choose customized products according to my skin needs! 

I got to choose 2 types of vitamins from the Vitamin card,  the sound waves device used will increase the pure vitamins penetration by 200 times! The nurse recommended Vitamin B for anti-acne & anti-redness  for me, as well as everyone's favorite Hyaluronic Acid for collagen boosting and illumining!

If you are looking to brighten and put back the glow instantly, you can also opt for Vitamin Therapy available at The Sloane Clinic. #TEMPTATION2

Last but not least, the cold jade device was used to close my pores and seal in all the powerful vitamins to transform my skin into the fabulous and health glow as promised in the Superstar Facial! Non-greasy Skin Superfood Red Algae S9.8 which contains the world's most powerful antioxidant Astaxanthin (i mentioned above) as cream and 24K Gold Primer S9.3 as a base before the sunscreen to rejuvenate my skin by boosting skin’s natural radiance & luminescence.

Did you notice that my lip look so moisturised and soft? The Sloane Clinic even took my lips into consideration as a treatment for the facial! I love this really delicate and sweet gesture! The two lip products that were used are Lip Fabulosity Serum S14.3 for instant smoothening and Magic Balm for moisture.

My skin definitely looked brighter and healthier with a natural glow immediately after the Super Star Facial. Thank you The Sloane Clinic! I will be back. Few days after the facial, my friends commented that my skin looked softer and more delicate. They also asked if it was because I used a new skincare product or new foundation. I think a good and healthy skin foundation is the key to having a healthy glow which no product nor makeup can provide. I was really pleased and this was the reason why I want to share this facial gem with everyone.

There is also a vanity room with lots of makeuppppppppp that you are free to use after your treatment! #LOVE 

One brand that I really like is Hardy & Co, formulated with stem cell extracts to deeply rejuvenate the skin and reset the skin's aging clock. The makeup in the range basically is  a 2-in-1 product: makeup with skincare properties!

After my enjoyable mini makeup session, I was given some choices of drinks. The delicious cocktail I chose came with cookies. I had a really pampered and delightful time at The Sloane Clinic!

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